Janneke from www.rechargehouse.nl, an energy expert, shares her thoughts with « Hi beautiful beings! »

Did you ever have the feeling that something big was going to happen? 

At New Years Eve 2019 I told one of my best friends that it was going to be a transformative year. Both for the world and myself. At that time I didn’t know it would be that kind of transformative. Hello COVID…  

Transformative because I am convinced that our planet and we as human beings are in a crucial state where consciousness is evolving. We come from a world that is mostly led by fear and anger, we move to a love based world where connection is key. Why do we “need” COVID for that, you think? Because nothing grows in a comfort zone. Our world needs to shake up before change can happen. In 2014 I experienced a burnout and at the same time I was diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer. It felt as if my whole world was upside down. I turned inward and discovered that I was not living in alignment with my soul. At that time, I worked as a lawyer and was not happy with it. It was only until the time my body said “STOP” that I was able to make changes to follow my heart. Now I literally feel energy flowing through my body, I’m working with healing techniques (such as Reiki and Shambhala), I give intuitive massages to help people to heal and assist them to connect again with their body, mind and soul. I’m living in a beautiful authentic finca in Ibiza, my work actually feels as a hobby and I’m SO grateful !

Coming back to COVID. You can see this period as a burden, as a hopeless time where you can’t have any fun. You can also see this period of time as an opportunity to grow. You have a choice. Always. The social isolation gives us time to connect with ourselves and find out how we want to go forward. Is this the life you want? Are you working with your talents and gifts? Are you expressing your true self to the world around you?

I’m not saying that it isn’t a challenging time. Some of you have lost their job, been sick or lost loved ones. And it takes courage to deal with that. One of my challenges is to not get caught up in the energy around me. I sometimes feel down because of the way the media feeds our fear by only informing us about infections, death rate and hospitalizations. This makes me wonder: do they realize how massive impact this fear-based energy has on our immune system? 

For me it feels that as a result of the government measures, people forget how powerful they are. And also, they’re forced to be drifted apart. We are not allowed to give each other a hug, social distance seems as the new normal, friends and family can’t be together when they need it the most. My grandfather just died and our family needed to make emotional decisions about who can and who can’t come to the funeral. It just doesn’t feel right. I also believe that we all want this virus gone as soon as possible and that everybody deals with it in his/her own way. However, for me the only way out is to stay connected. Don’t let different opinions and social distance drift you apart from friends and loved ones. We are all in this together. We are one.  

We don’t need to close our eyes for what is going on in the world. But we surely don’t need to be feeded with ideas of how helpless we are against this virus and that the only way out is a vaccin. 

Beautiful being, I just want you to remember this.

Remember that you have an immune system. Your immune system is such a powerful guardian, protecting your body from all sorts of invaders. Feelings of fear/stress have a massive negative impact on your immune system. 

I take care of my immune system and give it a boost everyday. How?

– I go outside for a walk for some fresh air (without mouth mask), even if I don’t feel like it

– Energetic bodywork and breathing exercises

– Eating fresh fruits and vegetables

– Use of essential oils

– Gratitude meditation 

– And so important: Enjoying life! Doing things that make me happy. Like writing this article.

I know. You might be tempted to get lazy, watch your favorite Netflix movie over and over again. Preferable with a bag of chips. And that’s ok. But realize that this behaviour is maybe a way to (unconsciously) suppress your emotions. It’s a way of distraction that prevents you from facing what needs to be seen. For example, feelings of anger, fear, loneliness. These emotions can’t come up to the surface if you keep distracting yourself. Howver, they need to come up to grow and evolve. How scary it might feel, try to be with your feelings. Sit down, focus on your breath and feel which part in you body needs attention. Do you have a heavy head? Is there a heavy load on your stomach? Are the muscles in your neck tight? Focus on that area and breathe into it, that’s all you have to do. Make space for your emotions and the way they express themselves in your body. If you reconigze your emotions and pshyical expressions, they will eventually transform and make space for something new. For me that’s called self-love.  

Although you might feel restricted because of government measures, there’s always a possibility to take care of yourself. There’s no excuse not take care of yourself in this turbulent time.  

And yes. There’s fear. There’s anger. There’s loneliness. But there’s also connection. Beautiful initiatives (as this website). People who are shining their light on the world and others. To evolve and grow. All together. 

I still see the beauty in this world. Do you? 

In Love,


* Feel free to reach out to me if you’re feeling stuck. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a lot of energy and love to give  *



+31 6 52 11 75 03 

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